"When designing your home, I never lose sight of the fact that my ultimate goal is always fulfilling your individual needs, both aesthetically and practically. After over 30 years in this business, defining and delivering your unique concept and articulating that concept throughout the entire space is almost second nature, which allows for the process to move forward seamlessly and with ease. Every step is managed and perfected, from floor plans to construction issues, never allowing obstacles or design challenges to slow or disrupt the progress, but instead providing creative and innovative solutions. After all, designing a space should be enjoyable for everyone involved.

Interior design is my passion and getting all of the details of your home right to achieve your vision is always my focus from start to finish. Whether your style is Classical, Mediterranean, West Indies, Modern, or somewhere in between, I can deliver any design genre. Maintaining practicality, comfort and value, without ever compromising style and beauty is inherent in my design philosophy. Good design should tell a story and your home should reflect your story. I love this process because it involves getting to know you and insuring that your home reflects who you are and what you love. At the end of the day, I want my clients to look at their houses and to feel at home because it is perfectly tailored to their life - in the way it looks and the way it works. Client satisfaction is always paramount. A loyal client following has given me a tremendous amount of repeat business and speaks to the passion I have for every project, big or small. I would love to tell your story."


- Rosana Fleming

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